What is Bubu?

BUBUFLATS – Your apartment in the Historic Center of Valencia

Wake up, the city awaits you. Eat breakfast, go out on the street, walk or cycle, mix with your people, visit a museum and why not, have lunch in the Barrio del Carmen, shop at the Central Market and return to your house to prepare the food, sit down Bubu .

After more than 20 years dedicated to the world of hotels, we decided to make the leap to tourist apartments for pure causation.

On one occasion when we traveled for work, we didn’t find a room available in the hotels we usually went to, so we had to book an apartment as accommodation.

It was during that stay when we realized the great differences that exist between a hotel room and being able to feel at home but in another city.

Bubu is decorating and equipping our apartments as if we were going to live in them, alive, full of thoughtful details and senses, this makes us happy and we want travelers to feel the same when they stay in Bubuflats.

BUBUSUITES – Your suites in the Historic Center of Valencia

Bubusuites is a hidden gem in the emblematic neighborhood of the Xerea of ​​Valencia, meters from the Cathedral and the Channel of the River Túria. In the historic center of the city of Valencia, we find a small and charming hotel that stands out for perfectly mixing tradition and avant-garde.

Under the original facade and behind the solid wood gate, we find a space that takes care of even the smallest detail, reflecting the good work of its managers.

Every corner of Bubusuites has its meaning. Nothing is dropped or its presence is a consequence of chance. Everything has its why and that is where the true spirit resides, in the coexistence of all its elements.

Bubusuites has three suites and a perfectly equipped attic suite, with everything you need to spend a dream night. Far from resorting to the simple solution, each suite has its own decoration and style.

The facilities have a common space with a library and lobby common to the entire building. In the cafeteria coffee infusions, sweets and fruits are always available for customers.

Our library is a space for reading and relaxing, always scented by jazz and classical music.