What is Bubu?

Wake up! The city is waiting for you! Have breakfast, go out, walk or move around it on a bicycle, get to know its people, visit a museum and, why not? Have lunch in the district Barrio del Carmen, go shopping in the Central Market and go back home to prepare dinner. Feel Bubu.

After 20 years in the hotel industry, we took a step forward to the touristic apartments by chance.

Once we were travelling for Business, we couldn’t find any available hotel room so we finally booked an apartment for our stay.

During those days we realized the big differences that actually exist between being in a hotel room and living like in your own home in another city.

We thought it would be amazing to fusion the concept of touristic apartment with all the services that can be provided by a 5* hotel, and that’s the way how we made our dream come true.

Bubu is to decorate and equip our apartments like we were going to live in them, full of life and details for waking the thoughts and feelings. In every Bubu there is something of us and of what we like, and because these things make us feel happy, we want the guests to feel the same happiness when they stay in Bubuflats.